is now

Dear Valued Visitor,

Things change, like our address is changed to for good.

Please update your bookmarks and favorites with the new address or email this page to the site that brought you here so they can update their links to reflect this new location.

Please be patient and keep your faith in us, This website will be much bigger, beautiful and easy to surf than ever before.

Moreover, with the new year started few days ago we would like to inform you that this year will see lots of improvements in the site coming your way in few days including:

  1. Update of all the previous pay per view links
  2. Uploading of all previous missing pay per view events of UFC and WWE and other wrestling and MMA
  3. SSL will be activated on the site in couple of days from now to make your visit more secure and reliable
  4. We will be moving to a more powerful dedicated server to improve website performance
  5. We will be having ultra fast CDN service activated on the site in few days to help load times

Please stay tuned and we will keep our aim going i.e. make the Allwrestling biggest wrestling database website on entire internet. Keep visiting us.

Thank you very much for being awesome and supportive. If you have any trouble, please contact us here


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